Friday, August 21, 2009

Treasure Bottles

I made Chase one of these to take on a long car trip and it was a hit. They're also a fun distractor during church.

Save a 20 ounce drink bottle, remove the label, and wash it. (Make sure the plastic is clear, not colored). Fill it halfway with white rice. Add assorted treasures (penny, cheap ring, fake bugs, etc.- craft stores have lots of great things) to the bottle and continue filling with rice. Be sure to leave enough room so that the rice can move around fairly easily. Superglue the top on so your child won't accidentally spill rice everywhere.

Your kids can shake their treasure bottles to "uncover" the things inside. Older children can use them as "I Spy Bottles"- keep a list of objects you added and have them hunt for all of them. The more rice you add the harder it will be (and vice versa).

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