Friday, August 21, 2009

Christmas Train Ornaments

My mom always used to get these in church around Christmas-time. I was so jealous and usually she let me eat hers. Someday I will do these with my own kids... They are a cute favor or table decoration, but you can also make them into ornaments to give away or put on your tree.

These are easy because you can substitute any candy for another; or play around with your shapes to make something unique. The directions are simple- glue everything together as shown.

-hot glue gun (double sided tape will work too)
-1 roll of Lifesavers
-1 small package of gum
-4 round peppermint candies
-1 Hershey's kiss
-1 large caramel
-1 mini chocolate bar
-ribbon if you want to do ornaments

Instructions: Glue the Lifesavers roll and the gum package together lengthwise. Glue one peppermint candy to each edge of the gum package, to look like wheels. Glue the caramel on to one end for the "cab". Glue the Hershey's kiss, upside down, on the opposite end. Finally, glue the chocolate bar on top of the "cab" for a roof. If using as an ornament, glue a piece of ribbon to the middle of the Lifesaver body to form a loop. Wait until dry to hang.

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