Monday, September 14, 2009

Tootsie Pop Santa/Reindeer/Ghosts

  • cardboard square (approx. 2 in x2 in)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • felt (red and white)
  • small pom pom (white)
  • Sharpie
  • wooden bead (1 in.)
  • light pink acrylic paint
  • Tootsie pops
  • pipe cleaners (black and gold)
  • glitter
1. Paint the wooden bead light pink. When it's dry, slide onto stick of Tootsie Pop.

2. Hat: Cut a triangle (1.25" wide x 1.75" high) out of red felt. For the trim, cut thin strip (approx. 2" long) out of white felt. Glue 'trim 'to 'hat' leaving a little over hang on both sides of 'hat'. Glue the pompom onto tip of hat.

Wrap the hat around bead 'head'. Put glue on ends of trim and attach to the head. Draw eyes on the head with a sharpie.

3. Beard: Cut a triangle (1.5" wide x 1.5" long) out of the white felt. Cut a "U" shape out of the top of the triangle. Fold triangle (lengthwise) and snip a small triangle out the 'beard' for his 'mouth'.

Glue to the sides of the head.

4. Belt: Cut a piece of black pipe cleaner long enough to wrap around the Tootsie pop. Cut a small piece of gold pipe cleaner and wrap it around the center of black pipe cleaner to make the belt 'buckle'. Twist the ends of the 'belt' together to secure it to the pop.

5. Arms: Cut two two "L" shaped pieces of red felt. Cut two small pieces of white felt and glue to the ends of the 'arms' to make the 'cuffs'.

Glue to the sides of the Tootsie pop.

6. Glue the Tootsie pop to the piece of cardboard and use as table decoration or place settings. Or you can attach a ribbon and make these into ornaments. Optional- Paint cardboard white and sprinkle glitter onto the wet paint! Can also cover the cardboard in festive wrapping paper.

If you don't glue any parts of the Santa to the Tootsie Pop stick, they can all be easily removed before eating.

Idea Found Here

Courtesy of **********************************************************These are cutest with brown tootsie pops. I pick mine out of the bulk candy at Maceys (Nobody else buys the browns anyways! :) ) but you can use any color.

To create the antlers use brown pipe cleaners. Cut a 7 inch piece for each pop. Fold it in half so it forms a "V" shape. Cut two 1.25 inch pieces of pipe cleaner for each pop and set aside. Glue the "V" shape to the base of the pop (where wrapper meets stick). Bend the pipe cleaners to follow the shape of the pop and glue them again near the top. Wrap one 1.25 inch piece to each antler, about 1 inch down from the ends.

Thread a 1/2 inch bell onto a 3 inch piece of gold pipe cleaner and wrap around the "neck" and antler base several times. (Make sure the bell is at the front)

Glue on some googley eyes (1/4 inch) and a red pom pom nose with a hot glue gun.

Optional: If you add some ribbon to the back of the head, these make cute ornaments.

Idea Found Here
Courtesy of

I better not forget the ghost version. Did anyone NOT make these in elementary school? All you do is wrap the pops in a square of white cloth (or Kleenex), draw on a face, and tie with ribbon. These are especially cute as a decoration or centerpiece. Find a "tree-like" branch, glue it to a base (candy corn in a glass pot works well), and hang the ghosts from the branches. Or give away as favors.

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